Outer Shell- This material is made from a high density, 100% Nylon, 420 denier PAC cloth; it is wind tight, water repellent and abrasion / tear resistant. PAC cloth is also used for automobile airbags, military cargo bags & parachutes.

Insulation- PolarWear Freezer Clothing is made with 12 ounce, 100% DuPont Hollofill insulation. Because of DuPont’s thermal technology, this High-loft insulation is Durable, Lightweight and provides excellent warmth retention.

Lining- The garment’s linings are made of Nylon taffeta; this makes PolarWear comfortable on the inside.

Quilting- Shell, Insulation & Lining are quilted by a DuPont approved facility, in America.

Inner seams- All of them are bound, taped & double needle sewn.

Outer seams- All are double needle sewn. High stress seams (body sides & shoulders) receive 4 needle stitching.

Misc.- Elastic “back band” receives 6 needle stitching. Stress points are riveted with brass & copper rivets.

Zippers- Jackets & Parks have large, heavy-duty, Vislon zippers by YKK. Pants & Coveralls have large, heavy duty metal zippers (that are also used by the U.S. military). All zippers are made in U.S.A.

Cuffs- Extra long, knitted, acrylic blend, made in U.S.A.

Thread- Heavy-duty, “bonded” nylon, made in U.S.A.

Pockets are insulated with 12 ounce DuPont Hollofil. Zipper flaps are insulated & incorporate “storm flap” design.